Making my own incense was one of the first things I learned how to do as a little witchling. There's something about standing over a smoking cauldron that speaks to my soul. Not only is it very powerful intention work, it feels badass and witchy AF. Here is a recipe for a Protection Incense blend and how to make it. ~Happy Witchcrafting~

~ You will need~

  • A heat safe container (Like a cauldron)
  • Sand or salt
  • A charcoal block
  • A lighter
  • Something to hold the charcoal block while you light it, I use tongs or a pair of scissors. 
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Herbs including:
  1. Mugwort
  2. Rosemary 
  3. Cedar
  4. Frankincense Resin
  5. Bay Leaves

~Feel free to use any herbs you like, any variety or amount that you wish, this is just a small beginning list.

~Make sure that you have a resin in your incense, this will help get it to stick together. 

Okay, you have everything you need, here's what's next! 

  1. Put all of your herbs together in the mortar and pestle. Crush into a powder (or close enough). 
  2. Sprinkle the sand or salt onto the bottom of the heat safe container. This will help absorb the heat from the charcoal block. 
  3. Hold the charcoal block in the tongs or scissors with one hand and use the lighter in the other hand to light the charcoal. This can sometimes take a moment, so don't give up. You want to hold the flame on the block until it begins to crackle and glow. 
  4. Place the lit charcoal onto the salt/sand in the heat safe container. 
  5. Sprinkle your herbs a little at a time as needed to keep the smoke going. 

Remember that this can get pretty smokey, so it's not a bad idea to open a window or have a fan going. 

I hope this helps! Enjoy~

Maggie with the Dark Moon Apothecary and Armory