Bonus Material

A little bonus material for our favorite projects both past and present. If you see something we no longer have in stock, send us a message! We'd love to make them for you. 

Each Tea with the Fae candle is chaotic, sparkly, and neurodivergent friendly. The Fae are mischievous and morally grey. Against you, they are tricksters. On your side, they bring prosperity and abundance. Appease the Fae with our Tea with the Fae offering candles. Fae love shinies, and these candles come with an abundance of shinies. No two Tea with the Fae candles are the same! We thrift for the teacups and use whatever we happen to have handy to create a mini Fae garden in each candle!

This is our big red teacup candle that we call the Sex Candle. Scented with essential oils associated with aphrodisiac properties, sprinkled with red sandalwood chips, and trinkets associated with love. Keep an eye out, she will be back!

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