Our Story

Hey! Maggie here. I am a Mental Health Practitioner in Minnesota. I've been practicing witchcraft since I was 13, and have been dreaming of running an Apothecary for as long as I can remember. I had the idea for The Dark Moon Apothecary around 2016 and am teary that she's finally a reality. Cory is an Axe Throwing Instructor in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He is known by many as "The Axe Man" or "Viking Guy." Every creation he works on is hand sewn and made with so much care and detail. He loves custom orders and making new things; he does well with a challenge and works hard until it's something he's proud of. Cory and I met through axe throwing, so it's always been a staple in our relationship. We got married on Beltane in 2022 and began talking seriously about opening up the Apothecary. We decided to keep the name, but add "Armory" to represent the leatherwork and creations that Cory adds to the shop. His viking aesthetic meshes perfectly with my witchy one and I could not be happier to get to run the A&A with my best friend, The Viking Guy.
I am so glad you decided to check out our page, we take custom orders and have a physical space at 6-11 Crystals and Energy Healing in downtown La Crosse, WI. Check us out!

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